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        The vacuum suction plate

        Product Detail

        Technical features

        1.Replace the manual lifting slab and improve work efficiency

        2.Reduce labor intensity and labor costs.

        3.Simply operated and no need professional training.

        4.Specially designed for the stone materials, especially effective for the flaming surface, litchi surface and other rough surface.

        5.The large size suction plate and strong adsorption can avoid the shortage of the slab loading, the maximum adsorption can reach 1000kg.

        6.Easy to install,removable and suitable for different working place (The cantilever lifter can be customized as the customers’ requirement)

        7.High power vacuum pump station special designed for stone-dust environment, working medium is water, anti- dust and anti-silt with low failure rate and be immune from  maintance.

        Service hotline

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