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        Automatic stone slab flaming machine

        The machine can flame the stone surface with multi burning torches by burning the gas fuel(Oxygen mixed with the Liquefied gas, natural gas, propane etc.) to make the surface anti-slippery and non-reflective.

        Product Detail

        Technical features

        1.220V power supply,the working place is not restricted.

        2.Cleaning drying system,Keep slab surface cleaning and reduce the gas consumption.

        3.The burning nozzle automatic identification of the slab thickness.

        4.Acceleration passing function if no slab go through to avoid the gas waste.

        5.Backward function without artificial force.

        6.Delivery speed,the swing speed can be adjusted according to processing slab material at any time.

        7.Roast torque with flame return prevention device,safety and energy saving.

        8.Roast torque fit external adjustable switch,flaming adjust with easy.

        9.Gear transfer,slab running stability,processing of slab surface is more uniform from appearance.

        10.Three flaming return prevention device,ensure use safety.


        Service hotline

        0086-400-0633-085       19806333196      19862318099

        Company Address:No.388 Shanhai Road,Rizhao

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